Bioderma Pigmentbio C-Concentrate Vitamin C Serum – 15ml

Bioderma Pigmentbio C-Concentrate Vitamin C Serum – 15ml

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All bioderma products are formulated according to the ecobiology principles, which is at the heart of NAOS approach to respect the skin ecosystem and preserve its health lastingly.

Inspired by leading dermatologist treatments (like Kligman’s Trio), Laboratoire Bioderma designed lumireveal™ Technology to provide an option for people with hyperpigmented skin without the associated side effects.

This technology works effectively and durably on the 3 biological stages that cause hyperpigmentation, while ensuring good tolerance:

Inflammation: glabridin reduces inflammation, which causes an overproduction of melanin;

Production: andrographolide + azelaic acid limit melanin production;

Elimination: Epidermactiv boosts cellular renewal by eliminating cells filled with melanin.

Lumireveal Technology is supplemented by a cocktail of vitamins that are essential for the skin: vitamin C, E and PP which protect and strengthen the skin barrier.

Thanks to its high AHA/BHA (glycolic and salicylic acids) concentration, Pigmentbio C-Concentrate provides a gentle, peeling-like efficacy that doesn't damage the skin or dry it out, thanks to its 8-hour hydration action.

·         Reduces the intensity and size of existing spots.

·         Prevents the appearance of new pigmentation spots.

·         Smooths and refines skin texture so it better reflects light.

·         Evens and brightens complexion (skin radiance is restored).

Hydrates for 8 hoursnon-comedogenic - Light and envelopping gel-cream texture - Fast absorption.

How to use:

As a monotherapy, Pigmentbio C-Concentrate is used as a cure of 1 month up to 3 months.

Step 1: For the first use, press firmly with both thumbs on the pack’s cap until the canister is fully engaged to release vitamin C. Unscrew the white cap and check that all the vitamin C powder has been released. Screw on the dropper and shake for 10 seconds to mix the vitamin C.

Step 2: Apply 5 drops every evening to face and neck after cleansing with Pigmentbio Foaming Cream. Can be applied on its own or before Pigmentbio Night Renewer in the evening.

Step 3: To maintain good results all year long, renew the 1-month cure every 3 months.


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