Avent Natural Response Baby Bottle 260ml 1m+ - Blue

Avent Natural Response Baby Bottle 260ml 1m+ - Blue

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Philips Avent Natural Response Baby Bottle 1m+ Blue 260ml offers the most intuitive feeding experience for both parents and infants. This innovative bottle features a special teat that aims to closely mimic a mother's breast. For that purpose, it has a wide shape to promote a natural latch-on similar to the breast and is made of ultra-soft silicone to mimic the feel of the breast. As such, it makes it easy for the baby to transition or alternate between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Furthermore, the flexible spiral design with comfort petals ensures the teat is in harmony with your baby’s natural feeding rhythm. This natural response follows the rhythm of the baby as it drinks, swallows, and breathes like it happens when breastfeeding. Plus, the teat only releases liquid when the baby drinks, ensuring no spills or milk loss.

Additionally, the unique anti-colic valve technology avoids airflow into the baby’s tummy, thereby minimizing air ingestion and reducing colic, gas, and discomfort. Furthermore, the ergonomic bottle is easy to grip at any angle. In this way, it offers maximum comfort during feeding, for both the baby and the parents. Equally important, this bottle is easy to clean and assemble, ensuring that every feed is as hygienic as possible. All in all, this product is a great choice for combining the familiarity of the breast with the convenience of the bottle.


Brand: Avent
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Suitable For: Baby
Age: 1m+
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Short Description:

Our natural bottle with an ultra soft teat more closely resembles the breast. The wide breast-shaped teat with flexible spiral design and comfort petals allows natural latch on and makes it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding.

Size: 260ml
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